Player jumps while moving from one platform to another which are laid next to each other

I have a platform prefab, which is basically a cube, I create multiple instance of it using script and make it form sort of a track dynamically to player(has rigid body) to move. But when player moves from one platform to another, sometimes it jumps randomly. Is it because of edge of box collider thats messing? I read one similar question on 2D (link: Box colliders laid side by side are uneven and causes bumps when the player moves from one collider to another. - Questions & Answers - Unity Discussions)
I tried to instantiate those platforms into a single parent, but still that dint solve the problem. But instead of using composite collider which is for 2d i used mesh collider like this
But this is also not working, player sometimes, not always jumps off into random direction while moving from one platform to another.

I would say so.

Its probably why people dont use default controllers and write their own or buy UFS or something simular.