prefab spawning problem...

Hi guys i am stuck on a c sharp problem … can any one tell me how to spawn a prefab multiple time after some interval … i created a script in which i create a method that returns a vector3 (Random position for the prefab) and also made a coroutine and add instantiate in it with a random position … but when i play the game it just spawn the prefab once …plzz help me…

You are only calling Delay() in Start(), which only runs once, try something like this:

 private CharacterController player;
       public float MinX , MinY , MaxX , MaxY , MinZ , MaxZ;
      public float moveForce = 3f;
      public GameObject prefab;
      private FixedJoystick joystick;
      private Vector3 randompos;
      public int numberToSpawn;
      void Start () {
          player = GetComponent<CharacterController> ();
          joystick = GameObject.FindWithTag("Joystick").GetComponent<FixedJoystick>();
          randompos = random ();
          StartCoroutine (Delay());
      Vector3 random() {
          float Ranx = Random.Range(MinX,MaxX);
          float Rany = Random.Range (MinY,MaxY);
          float Ranz = Random.Range (MinZ, MaxZ);
          return new Vector3 (Ranx , Rany , Ranz);
      IEnumerator Delay() {
          if(numberToSpawn < 1)
               yield break;
          yield return new WaitForSeconds (1f);
          Instantiate (prefab, randompos, Quaternion.identity);
      void Update () {
          Vector3 move = new Vector3(joystick.Horizontal ,0, joystick.Vertical );
          player.Move(move * Time.deltaTime * moveForce);
          if (move !=
              transform.forward = move;
          if(joystick.Horizontal != 0f || joystick.Vertical != 0f) {
              transform.rotation = Quaternion.LookRotation(move) ;

I added a public int numberToSpawn that you will need to setup in inspector, and I should let you know I don’t have a compiler or Unity so it is not tested, but that should work.


Alright, back home from work with Unity, my last answer was incomplete and didn’t exactly work either… but I got one that works!

@sacredgeometry , I’m sure your method also works, but wow that is a very high level solution for someone new to coding, and I have something a lot closer to what OP was originally using.

All the variables in your script that aren’t in the Update() function are confusing and there is a cleaner/smoother way to handle all the floats for your Vector3, but this code I wrote has those values in mind and I would try to find a better way to set the min and max for x,y,z than publicly in the inspector:

    IEnumerator Delay()
        while (numberToSpawn > 0)
            Vector3 randompos = new Vector3(Random.Range(MinX, MaxX), Random.Range(MinY, MaxY), Random.Range(MinZ, MaxZ));
            yield return new WaitForSeconds(1f);
            Instantiate(prefab, randompos, Quaternion.identity);

Tested with Unity and that will work, just make sure you publicly declare the numberToSpawn; with this script you don’t need to call Vector3 random() anymore.

If you are using >=c#7 something like this perhaps?

    void Start()
        // Method Syntax
        DelayedRepeater(4, 10, Create);

        // Lambda Syntax
        DelayedRepeater(4, 10, (index) => {
            Debug.Log($"Run create the code for item: {index} here");

    void Create(int index)
        Debug.Log($"...or run the create code for item: {index} here");
    void DelayedRepeater(float time, int repeat, Action<int> func)
        IEnumerator coroutine (float t, int r, Action<int> f) {
            yield return new WaitForSeconds(t);

            for (int i = 0; i < r; i++)
        StartCoroutine(coroutine(time, repeat, func));