problem accesing arrays

Hello. here{s my problem.

I have two objects, ObjectA with scriptA and ObjectB with scriptB.

scriptA has the following.

var array1 =new int[5,9];
var array2 =new int[1];

function Start(){
array1[0,0] = 2;
array2[0] = 3;

and scriptB has the following

var value1 :int; 
var value2 :int;

function Start(){

value2 sets correctly at 3, but value1 gets the following error:

MissingFieldException: Field 'System.Int32[,].' not found.

What could be the problem?? thank you

It's better not to use strings with GetComponent (faster, plus you get compile-time errors instead of runtime errors), also using generics is a simple way to avoid dynamic typing, which for some reason causes problems with multi-dimensional arrays.

value2 = GetComponent.<ScriptA>().array2[0];
value1 = GetComponent.<ScriptA>().array1[0,0];

Is value1 supposed to be accessing a 2D array? If so, it wouldn't be an int (Up top at the initializing), I believe. So I'd guess the problem is you're making value1 and int, but it can't be an int, because it's holding 2 values from the array.... If that makes sense.

Comment for further help.

Hope this makes sense, and good luck!