Randomly pick then create prefab

Hey guys a have a small question need help with. I am trying to figure out how to randomly pick and create a prefab. I got the random part working, however I can to figure out how to assign a random number to a prefab

Basically I am trying to randomly pick one of the 5 prefabs and create it.

Thank in advance for your help

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Private var  PrefabNum : float =0;
var Prefab1 : GameObject;
var Prefab2 : GameObject;
var Prefab3 : GameObject;
var Prefab4 : GameObject;
var Prefab5 : GameObject;

Function Start()
var PrefabNum = Random.Range(0, 5);
Var prefabArr = new array()
prefabArr(1) = Prefab1
prefabArr(2) = Prefab2
prefabArr(3) = Prefab3
prefabArr(4) = Prefab4
prefabArr(5) = Prefab5

var PrefabClone=instantiate(prefabArr(PrefabNum),transform.position,transform rotation) // creat prefab


It seems the most logical solution here would be an array (or similar container), e.g.:

var prefabs : GameObject[];

function Start()
    var prefab = prefabs[Random.Range(0, prefabs.length)];
    // Instantiate as usual.

Note: I'm guessing at the UnityScript syntax a bit, but it should be fairly close.

Make a prefab and fill it with some objects you want to choose from. Then

var num = Random.Range(0, k);