[RELEASED] Space RTS - Starter Pack

This Starter Kit was made to provide a quick and easy way to build any Real Time Strategy game but specially for anyone with a Space setting. Fits perfect for beginners or as prototype for a look and feel of any amazing space RTS you have in mind.

Version 1.3 Available now at:

Update Guidelines
Code Reference
Downloadable Demo
Want more:
Visit my website https://nullpointergames.com


  • Fully configurable RTS Camera.
  • Units customized through ScriptableObjects
  • Camera Pan With Borders.
  • Units Selection with Single click.
  • Units Selection with a dragging box ui.
  • Units additive selection thought click + holding Ctrl key.
  • Double click selects multiple units of the same type within the camera bounds.
  • Units movement in group.
  • Smooth ship movement.
  • Unity's Built In NavMesh Integrated.
  • Static Structures capable of build ships.
  • Builder ship capable to build structures.
  • Freighters capable of collect resources.
  • Mineral Warehouse for storage.
  • The units built has cost of construction.
  • Resource sources that can be depleted.
  • The units to build can be queued in the builder.
  • Simple but functional UI

and many more...
and also many more to come...


And now also available some integration Packs:

Pathfinding Project for Space RTS

Behavior Designer for Space RTS


This will be the last week with this price, next week will be raised to U$S 30 so take advantage of the low price!
Also this night i will upload the SpaceRTS version 1.2.1. It has just a bunch of bugs fixed.
Hope it will please all of you as the pack is becoming.

Your kit looks interesting. It has a 4x game feeling, which is really nice. :)
On the Asset store page you mention: "Doesn't include combat system or networking.".
No plans at all for such features?
I'm no coder, and planning to integrate Node Canvas/Behavior Designer,... I see it as a great idea.
Maybe "integrating" your kit with something like Playmaker or uScript might awake more interest from non-coders. uScript has a free version if I'm not mistaken. I.m saying this because having some hight level nodes, without the need for reflection, used to customize your own gameplay, UI or mechanics, might go a long way.
I noticed that game developers are tempted to create their own "managers" which are following their own vision, and as a consequence, takes away some of your potential freedom.
If not a Trello webpage, something like a feature roadmap might be useful.
Thanks and keep up the good work!

Yeah, i should change that for "Doesn't include combat system or networking at the moment".
It's in my plans but those are complex features and still need to figure out the best approach for both of them.
As you said, right now i'm in a stage of "integration". Meaning that reinventing the wheel i think is a terrible waste of time and effort and out there are really excellent pack systems already dealing with those problems.
A* Pathfinding Project, Node Canvas & Behaviour Designer are just the tip of the iceberg. Playmaker or uScript are really powerful tools too so i can imagine integrating them too.
But i'm a step by step man, i really don't like to do promises that i can't keep, that's why i don't have a complete roadmap, but you aren't the first person to ask for that so maybe i can change my mind on that and do something about it.
Thanks for the kind words and sure, there's more to come!

Purchased your kit and to my surprise I found the main scripts packed into a .dll.
Not much freedom for custom changes.
Any chances for the full code release?

of course, just send me the invoice number to my email (nullpointer2017@gmail.com) and i will send to you a zip file with all the library scripts. I'm planning ina future to set the scripts that are most likely to be customized outside of the library, like SelectionInput and the RTSCamera. What do you think about this?

I will email you. Thanks!
To be honest, it's not very convenient to send an email every time things change. I would rather prefer a more public option. Maybe a web address to insert the invoice serial number and download the latest version might be a good option. In case you still choose to keep the .dll version, it would be more convenient for everyone.

And I'm already replied to you, Sr. I'll keep in mind your suggestion but it will more convenient that if you have some problem with the library, maybe a bug, or a missing exposed property of any other missing feature just to tell me through this forum or through a personal mail and i will try to fix it so it can be shared to everyone.

Tonight I will be sending to unity the order for the price change, next, it will cost U$S 30.

So hurry up! take advantage of the low price in the last few hours!

Hi NullPointer! Great asset! Would you happen to have a roadmap for it's development?

Hi! At the moment my goal it's to do some assets integrations, like the A* Pathfinding Project, Behaviour Designer, & Node Canvas. After that i will try to do the input compatible with mobile devices (android, ios, etc).
That were things that I've promise to some people so it will happen. no matter what. :)

The next thing probably will be to integrate uScript and/or PlayMaker and to start to analize the possibilty to do the attack feature. so, there are still a lot of things to do. Anyway, this isn't a closed asset, i want to add more and more things in all my spare times.

Why are you hiding code in a dll?

Hi there, the intention is not to hide, it's just a way to separate the core API from the actual game template. The original intention was to reuse that dll in multiples asset store template packages, but I wasn't the time yet to complete another ones (still, i have a couple in my head). That way i can share the resources and any required fix will be eventually applied to every project.

Anyway, if you have any request or suggestion to expose some missing property or method or anything that allows you to do a better customization I will be more than happy to make it for you due i'm always willing to improve the pack. and additionally if you still feel that this can be a problem for your development times of course you can ask me through a email and i will share to you the scripts without any doubt.

Maybe include the source for the DLL so advanced users can customize it to their liking?

Yeah, I realize that it's annoying to have to request the source files by mail so I've chosen to add to my web page a link to the source files that will be visible through a invoice check like it does a lot of other publishers with their extra features. I'm starting to investigate how to add this so i really don't know when it will be available but hope be soon.

In the meanwhile the email method is still available.

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Request sent.


Excelent new year for everyone!

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Thank you,

Happy New Year

Oh, I was so ready to buy this, but no combat system is a deal breaker. Networking would have pretty much sealed it.
Having everything in a DLL would make it very difficult to add to. Please show us a roadmap, even if it only shows the planned features with no set dates.

Hi! I missed your post, sorry for the late answer,

I’m moving in that direction. Right now i’m developing the version 1.2.4 that mostly will have bug fixes, and code mainteinance. Also will include some basic helper editors to make more easy to create scenes (Helping with the correct setup).

But most importantly i’m also developing the branch for the version 1.3 that will include combat system. Right now i’m just testing some exploding ships but i’m in that exact direction.

You will need to wait a little longer for the Networking feature.

The Pathfinding Project integration was just aproved by the AssetStore team and i’m assuming that the Behavior Designer Integration it’s close to be aproved also because was uploaded almost at the same date (almost a month ago, yeah the aprove times for new assets are very long right now).

I’ve also promissed to some people touch support for mobile and NodeCanvas integration but I’m late with those features due other commitments that i have.

That’s basically the report that i have about what’s going on in the behind scenes of the Space RTS - Starter Pack. :wink:

Have a happy new year!