Resources.Load as AudioClip Issues

I’m trying to load an audio clip that’s in my assets directory and play it. Here is my C# script:

if (Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.X))
        audioSource = gameObject.GetComponent<AudioSource>();
        Debug.Log((audioSource == null) ? "Audio source is null" : "Audio Source is not null");

        string path = "Sounds/Aurora/Aurora_IGSSin";
        sound = (AudioClip)Resources.Load(path, typeof(AudioClip)) ;
        Debug.Log((sound == null) ? "Sound is null" : "Sound is not null");

//Audio source is not null
//Sound is null

Attached is a picture of my project directory. I’ve seen 90 different posts and tried this 81 different ways, including using the file extension in the path, omitting the directory and only including the file name, omitting (AudioClip) before Resources.Load(), using as AudioClip rather than typeof(AudioClip) and none of it has worked.

Please, someone help me before I pull my hair out over this.

Your project view has the audio under Assets/Sounds/Aurora. You need to put it under Resources/Sounds/Aurora. Anything you want to load with Resources.Load needs to be a folder called Resources that is at your project root.

The same problem…just try to change audio file . there’s sth wrong with the file.