Starting Unity/Programming from scratch

Hi, I'm 100% fresh to Unity, and I'd very much like to learn how to use it. I took a C++ class in high school about 10 years ago, and remember nothing about the programming. So, I'm basically starting out 100% fresh to Unity, and have no programming experience either. From what I have read, people suggest learning JavaScript instead of C#.

Where do I start? Should I start by learning JavaScript by itself, or along-side Unity? I have also heard that the Unity-Java is a bit different.

Any push in the right direction is greatly appreciated :)

I would recommend reading through this:

My personal opinion:

Javascript is easier to get started with, no need to declare classes being a main reason

c# tends to be easier later on, as there are far more tutorials about the language about, as it's a standardized language.

It's fairly easy to change between the two, so consider starting with javascript to get the hang of things, then looking at c# again in a week or two to decide properly

For where to start, I would consider learning in unity itself, web javascript isn't going to be the same as unityscript, and beginner c# tutorials tend to rely too much on compiling a main method

There is a pretty decent list of tutorials to look at:

As well as a reasonable amount of documentation on the wiki to get started (tips, tricks and tools, plus tutorials):