String array not working

ive been watching a tutorial on making inventory systems in unity but I cant figure out why this one bit keeps on giving me errors
in the tutorial ([Unity 5] Placing Tiles | Episode 5 | Let's Make a 2D Survival / Sandbox Platformer Game in Unity - YouTube) he tells us to create a string array in his version in the brackets he has no number but mine gives me errors because of this and when I put the right number in (9) it gives me the error Expression denotes a value', where a `method group' was expected

I cant see what he did clearly in the video because of the crappy quality, and the source code is not updated to this episode

heres my code string[] names = new string[9]("Grass", "Dirt", "Stone", "Dry Sand", "Wet Sand", "Coal", "Iron", "Gold", "Diamond" );

basically this repenting the array size you don’t need to initialize

string[] names= { "Grass", "Dirt", "Stone", "Dry Sand", "Wet Sand", "Coal", "Iron", "Gold", "Diamond"};

Edit: Thanks to @Bunny83

The problem is that you used normal brackets “( )” instead of curly brackets " { }" for the initialization block.

For classes, for example String, it’s the same:

  • String myStringArray = new
  • String myStringArray =
  • String myStringArray = new