unable to download & load particular scene in iPhone Project

I have my unity scenes (.unity3d) on the web. Now i am using the WWW.LoadFromCacheOrDownload to download the scene. After that, i am using the Application.LoadLevelAdditiveAsync to load the downloaded scene, but when i build and run the project, it is not displaying the downloaded scene. Log file says that scene can’t be loaded because it is not included in the build settings. It says that to load the scene,initially incude that scene in File -->Build settings → scenes in build.
I am new to unity, tried a lot but unable to figure out where the problem is.
Please help me out. Any little help will be a lot to me.

What you’re trying to do is not possible, since any LoadLevel function only works with levels included in the build. Instead you would need to use AssetBundles (Pro only).

In editor, hit Ctrl-Shift-B

This will open the build settings window.

Make sure all the scenes you use are listed in the “Scenes in Build” window.

If any are missing, open them in the editor and click the “Add Current” button in the build settings window.