Way to have 2D Sprites lit by Lights?

Is there any way to have lights actually apply lighting to 2D textures, without losing the transparency of the sprite? I have been using the Particles/AlphaBlended Shader to display my sprites.

I would like to have a dark room, and allow the player to use a light to make his way through, but I can’t seem to make lights work.

If there isn’t a way to make the stock lights work, then does anyone have another suggestion? I have heard of many ways to achieve similar effects, but I am not sure of the best approach considering Unity is built different than Engines I am used to.


Create a material and use Sprite/Diffuse shader. Drag it to your sprite gameObject to apply the material. Voila!

Sprites-default material does not respond to lights , but unity also supports another shader (Diffuse ) for sprites that supports lighting.

You just have to change the shader in Sprite renderer component

For more detail you can refer LINK REMOVED DUE TO MALWARE

On the particle renderer material, use a shader that uses lighting.