Weapon Database wtih scriptable objects

Hey all, i currently have na inventory system that works based off of Scriptable Objects, this inventory system is heavily based on the one that Kryzarel teaches on youtube. What i now need to do is to add weapons to the game and unfortunately im confused on how to go about this. I see many ways but i don’t see the correct option. For exemple, do i create a Base Weapon and derives from the Item Scriptable Object so that it gets basic properties such as name and itemIcon?

Would i then add a subclasse such as MeleeWeapons and put all code for melee weapons in their? But then i would need to create a script for each melee weapon right?
Quite frankly im extremely confused about this and anything that points me in the right direction is appreciated. Bottom line is that i need to add diferente types of weapons whilst being able to add them to an inventory. I understand that im not being very clear so if anyone is left with any questions feel free to ask.
Thank you.

If this is about a particular persons scripts (Kryzarel), perhaps you can get in touch with them instead?