Will Unity3D support WebGL?


Is it possible in the future (maybe with Unity 3D 3.0?) To make 3D web pages without Unity Webplayer?. How? maybe with WebGL

That the best thing you can do. 3D web pages without a plug-in.

Then if you were the best


While this is not really the place to request or discuss future features (our forums and feedback pages would be more relevant to that), my impression is that WebGL is

a) not quite there yet (currently most browsers only support it in development builds when manually enabled - if at all)

b) restricted to be used by the browser's JavaScript engine, which wouldn't quite be up to realistically run an engine like Unity and it's content.

So, the answer is most likely a "no", at least for the foreseeable future.


Obviously quake2 is a very lightweight engine, but I don't think it will be long before there is a high demand for pure HTML5 3d game creation middleware, and a large base of users with fast browsers that implement the standards. Making HTML5 a target platform would really attract developers (I'm mainly interested in Unity3D out of the hope that this will eventually be done).

Adoption of these technologies by the likes of IE will be driven by the products that rely on them, and the users that miss those products and whine.

when jonas answers something as a staff we can rely on that. there are two big problems. 1 as jonas said it's ristricted to web browser's j script wich is verry slow for a game. 2 IE will not support it. many other browser's support is not as well as it should be. i think HTML 5 can not close the door for flash and silverlight but it can compete in some areas but about webgl it can not enter browser games industry. it might be helpful in some applications but if creating the same app with unity takes 1/10 of the time then who will go and use it.

Unity 5 now supports WebGL: http://unity3d.com/5 <–Please mark as “Answered” :slight_smile: