2020.1.6 is a buggy mess

this is one sluggish release, can't wait for 2020.2

and then there is object selection that's completely borked when using URP
6390780--712452--selection in 2020.1.6 with urp is a buggy mess.gif

so many UI bugs that i stopped logging them

Unity itself is very unpleasant experience

what I've learned the hard way is that you find a version that works and have the functionality that you need and stick with that version. You ignore any other versions that show up except if you have a serious bug that doesn't let you finish what you have started.

Unity devs likes a lot to change everything around, especially with new features. I'm sure they have their good reasons to do this but you already fight with your own game logic, your spaghetti game. You don't need new version of unity that go back and tangle your code even worse.

Yes, if not for people like you that try the new versions immediately they appear we would never find out the bugs present.

So thank you for that but if you want to actually finish something stay away from new versions till "other" users that didn't get this memo find by investing "their" precious time, all the bugs that need to be found.

Is kind of sad, we need other people time to get lost so we can manage to finish "our" game. :!


2020.1.6 is the worst experience i ever use , its very laggy, the ui window everytime i click it bug and the code i write is act weird , never i see something like this before