Ad Monetization 101: Start Monetizing Your Mobile Game

Unite Now Session
Learn how to strategize and implement monetization tailored to your game type and player experience. Gain valuable tips on optimizing ads, whether you're a large studio or a one-person operation.

Thu, July 23, 9:00 AM PT

You can watch the session here!
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A team of product experts from across Unity will be available during and after the session. Our Community team will continue to field questions to foster an ongoing discussion with the community. Please feel free to ask your questions in this thread. Only questions related to the topics of the session are permitted.

We really look forward to hearing from the community.
Thank you!

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Link didn't work for some reason.
Anyway, I think this is the video that was included in the mentioned session:

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Can i use Unity ads in the free version of Unity?

Yes, you can :)

Hi, can i use Unity ADS in different app stores? (App gallery, Galaxy Store, Amazon and etc.). I want to publish on many stores, and want to use unity ADS, but don't know how it works outside of Google Play and App Store.
Many thanks :)

Unity Ads should function on all Android devices, but you will only receive revenue from users with the Google Play Store on their device, as our advertisers exclusively target that store on Android.

I'm understood, thank you for answer!

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How well is this protected from third-party spoofing applications? Sniffers etc.
I have recently had issues with my ISP that provides pedophile content to me. By pedophile content I mean toddlers clothing etc. adds that have children in their cast etc.

I am asking this, because I don't want a bad reputation on my product because of ISP's focus on children.

can i monetize non gaming app with unity ads? this app was projected from a wordpress website but i have not found a way to integrate it with unity ads.

Don't forget that Unity will lock your organization and take your money!

AdMob is a great alternative to avoid that situation