Airborne Motocross - a glider on a bike!

Hi everyone!
I would be delighted if you find the time to play the demo of my game "Airborne Motocross". It's a motocross racing game in which you spend a lot of time flying, exploring and looting (finding items). The demo is available for Pc and Android.

Sorry for the bad quality. I wanted to keep the file size low.


(no sound yet, sorry)

Shoutout to Yury und Manu from TidalFlask ( Without their help the game would not look the way it does.

Get the demo

TIG Source:

or download directly:

Android (.apk):

If you need help with installing the .apk manually. I have made a tutorial here:

Google Play:

If you need help with Google Play Internal App Sharing. I have made a tutorial here:

Windows Pc (.exe, portable build, no installation required):


Some more details
If all the pictures above have not convinced you to try it, then I doubt this will. Still, thanks for reading it all :)

Airborne Motocross is an explorative motocross game with loot and puzzles.

Roam around in the levels or race others. Find items and solve some (optional) physics puzzles along the way.

The current demo features a glider, a booster, gravity inverting particles, a puzzle cave and a jump spring. You will definitely spend a lot of your time in the air. Especially once you have found the booster.

The original prototype contained a jetpack, a teleporter, a booster, a gravity gun, a shrink ray, cloud-wheels, bouncy-wheels, a time machine, a force-field generator, an "eject" button, a "dash forward" jump, an item magnet and some rockets. Of course not all of them can make it into the final game, but some will ;)

I am looking forward to your feedback.
Thank you!

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This is in wrong forum section.
Please repost / move to WIP or Made In Unity

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Hi, just sent a message to a mod to move it. Not sure how I got it in here. Thanks for letting me know and sorry :)

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And I thought I finally had the physics under control.

I got tired of building bridges by hand, so I made a tool to do it for me.
It's based on this nice free tool:

Testing was fun (physics!1!11) :smile:

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Nice bridge results:)

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Thank you, it's a lot of smoke and mirrors in the back (sooo many spring and hinge joints). I am surprised that it performs very well on mobile too.

Here is a video of it in action:

Hang in there!

A new demo is out including a tutorial and some levels to play around in.

Download here:

Or directly:
PC: .zip with .exe inside (~ 90MByte):
ANDROID: .apk for direct install:

Here is a teaser video (which got me approved as switch developer a while ago):


How many leaves are enough leaves?

A time lapse of me using the SpriteShapeController and 2D Collider as Input for custom mesh generation. Not exactly their intended use but it works :smile:

Folks used to say that there was something in the water that made the trees grow tall...

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Those icicles are basically telling me: YOU SHALL NOT PASS!

It is done :)

Here is the release thread:

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