Autoaiming Turret Cannon?

I’m trying to make a cannon that aim at the player. I can’t seem to make it work properly. So I looked around the web and tried a few scripts but they all make my cannon rotate at odd angles. I’m trying to only make it rotate left-right and up-down (On the Z and X axis).
Here is an image to a similar cannon to the one I made. alt text Also is there a way to specify the pivot point?

Take a look at this post:

Some changes need to be made if the gun is not at 0 on the Y axis. Plus, when shooting something, the ball is impacted by gravity, so the ball will drop with respect to the target.

if you want it only to rotate on Z and X axis try something like this:

Vector3 cannonOrientationVector;

void Update()

cannonOrientationVector = new Vector3(playerObject.transform.position.x, this.transform.position.y, playerObject.transform.position.z);



That should work just fine if attached to your cannon script, and if you have the playerObject gameObject available for the cannon script.

Oh, also make sure your cannon starts with a transform.position.y of 0, and cannot be altered anywhere else in the script;

It was just my model was facing the wrong direction.