BOLT FlowStateMachine for entire scene?


I am starting visual scripting with BOLT (1.4.4). I would like to have “global” Flow State Machine for entire scene, so I created a null object, added component “FlowGraph” and created 4 states (so far transitioning by time delays).

Within those states, I would like to control attributes of multiple objects (e.g. switching visibility of different light objects).

The question is: How can I access different objects (and their parameters) within FlowGraph window? (e.g. for “On enter state” switching “DirectionalLight1” visibility to “false”).

Looking forward to Your solutions,


I have Bolt, and use it more to test or prototype and then hardcode.

I think you can actually just drag an object prefab into the editor window and it will drop the reference to that game object; this usually only works with objects in the actual scene of course; from there when you click on the object you have access to all the components with that object first, and it’s like clicking through an explorer menu in Windows to access the object’s component’s variables.

However, Bolt does not have an intuitive events system, and unless the events where based on start, update, while loops, for loops, and on trigger/collision enters and exits, I have not had any luck generating custom events through Bolt and maybe there are videos or better documentation available now, but when I first started learning it about a year ago now, there wasn’t much out.

I’m at work now, so my filters don’t let me access this website, but here is the documentation on it here: