Bounds with Rotation: Getting y value of the point where its on the most left side of the collider (bounds.min.x) Note that the box collider has been rotated as well.

I understand that I can get the most low value of x of an object’s collider using ().bounds.min.x, but on that point where the bound x value is the lowest, can I get its y value as well?

Any help?


Lowest left point for y - collider.bounds.extend.y

thanks @Yeezyy and @Dragate for the replies, looks like I found a solution for getting the full coordinate :slight_smile:
I used the mathematical equation for circles, where r^2 = x^2 + y^2, where I get the radius first using collider size.x and y, then reapply into the equation again, by assigning x = collider.bounds.min.x, and r = radius found, and finally I can get the y value where the point is having min x on collider.