Can I use assets from Asset Store for making a demo-scene of my commercial asset?

I’m going to publish my own scripting asset on the Asset Store for sale. In order to demonstrate the functionality of the asset I’d like to attach a demo-scene to the asset’s description. The problem is that I have too little my own 3d resources to create a presentable demo-scene. Howerer, the last could be much more impressive if it included 3d models, textures and other environmental resources from the Asset Store.

So, is it legal to use resources from the Asset Store in a demo-scene of a commercial asset?

P.S. Yes, I know about the Asset Store End-User Agreement. Due to it “Licensor grants to the END-USER a non-exclusive, worldwide, and perpetual license to the Asset to integrate Assets only as incorporated and embedded components of electronic games and interactive media and distribute such electronic game and interactive media”. But what’s about using them in demo-scenes of new assets?

The answer is a big NO.

You have to find 3D models and assets that are royalty free. It doesn’t matter if it’s a demo scene. As long as you include something in your own asset, it has to be your own work or royalty free ones.

I think we need to clarify what is meant by “demo scene”…

I believe there’s no reason why you can’t employ other assets you’ve bought in, say, an online webplayer demonstration of your own asset. That would be included under the definition of “embedded components of interactive media” above. So, if your asset was a car shader pack, you could demonstrate what those shaders look like on a third-party car model. It would be wise to make very clear what exactly in the scene is included in your asset and what is not though.

However, what you certainly can’t do is include other assets in the download of your asset. So, again, if you were to use 3rd party assets in your online demo, you’d need to make explicitly clear that that scene is not included in the asset.