Can I use assets in game which i publish? Definite answer needed! (answered)

To keep in short but hopefully concise, like the question in the FAQ -

Can we use the code/art/assets in
Unity Technologies’ example projects?

Yes, all assets in our tutorial and
example projects may be used in both
commercial and non-commercial use in
Unity-based projects. The assets
themselves may not be resold, however.

Can we use assets from the asset store in the same way, for ‘commercial and non-commercial use’ but still respecting ‘The assets themselves may not be resold, however’?

I have searched through many webpages and question on here but struggle to find a single concise answer like the one in the FAQ (but on the right question). Furthermore i have looked as the ASSET STORE TERMS OF SERVICE AND EULA Asset Store Terms of Service and EULA which has two articles which can conflict or agree and be used both ways (1.3 and 3.8) -

“You may use Unity Asset Store to
browse, locate, and download Assets
(defined as (i) software or software
development kits designed in order to
facilitate the development of
electronic games and interactive media
(ii) content (for example – without
limitation – computer graphics,
including 3D computer graphics, sounds
and music), tutorials and other
digital materials created in order to
become integrated parts of electronic

3.8 “You agree that you will not, and will not allow any third party to, (i)
copy, sell, license, distribute,
transfer, modify, adapt, translate,
prepare derivative works from,
decompile, reverse engineer,
disassemble or otherwise attempt to
derive source code from the Unity
Asset Store or the Assets, unless
otherwise permitted,”

So here i am asking you the wide unity community looking for a universal definitive answer as i do not want my games in the future to have a fatal weakness. Thank you, i hope you can share your opinion but if not please vote up the answer which you think is most correct.

Each asset from the Asset Store comes with its own license. Most of these will follow the basic EULA as specified on the Asset store pages but there are those that follow different licenses (Also specified by Unity). There are no circumstances in which submissions follow Custom or user-defined licenses as this is not allowed under the terms of Asset Store Submission rules.

So bottom line is, read the License/EULA of the asset itself. It’ll tell you in there.
If you see no License information, the Basic EULA applies. You already have this. It may help to read the submission guidelines also, to see things from the other point of view.

You must consider though, If you couldn’t, what would be the point of the asset store?

You just arent allowed to resubmit other peoples work to the Store.