Can I use assets on non-Unity projects?

Can I use the assets that I buy from the Asset Store on non-Unity Projetcs?

From what I have read from the EULA, I understand that this is permited, but I’m not completely sure.

The EULA states that assets may be used “only as incorporated and embedded components of electronic games and interactive media”. There’s no mention that they can only be incorporated and embedded using the Unity engine.

Of course, if you’re not completely sure on a legal issue, you should consult a lawyer.

@SobajoJones: Unity’s own EULA is only one part of this: for each object within each asset, they could have there own licensing terms, like GPL or MIT, or the author/IP holder(s) can define their own constraints and conditions (it is effectively a legal document that must be agreed upon before it can be used).

This is where I agree on @tanoshimi: the content can get out of scope of programming and Unity itself and enters the world of law, and if any of the content makes you unsure, a lawyer is advised to ensure legal problems such as Intellectual Property (IP) Infringement or IP Theft is avoided.