Can i use c++ as a scripting lanques for unity?

I just started my "journey" into gamedev and started learing c++ as everyone told me that this is the industry standard and most used lanques but to my understanding, unity has 3 scripting lanqueses but no c++.

Is this correct?

If so, what do you suggest i learn, c# or javascript (i'm still very green behind the ears if you know what i mean). i still would like to use c++ above any other as it has a LOT of content (books,tutorials,...)

I'm looking forward for a respons and thanks in advance.

C++ is not a scripting language, and can only be used with Unity in the form of plug-ins (in the Pro version). C# is closer in syntax to C++ than Javascript is.

I am currently a student of Video Game Design and Development, which required me to learn C++ and Java extensively. I am now being introduced to C#, Unity and the old XNA framework. I have to agree that at first I was hoping that Unity supported C++ like it supports C#, but as I learn the languages, I find that doing the small game logic tasks that you would need to program into Unity, a managed code like C# is the best option. If you are wanting to produce a game quickly (which I assume is the case due to the choice of using Unity in the first place), then using a lower-level language like C++ may slow you down. Yes, during the learning process, using C# for us makes development slower, but I find that my slowness is not due to the use of the language, but the lack of knowledge and looking up stuff. Once I master it as well as I have with both Java and C++, I believe I would produce a stable, cross-platformed game much faster in Unity with C#. Don’t fall into the battles of which language is better (that is up to the comfort level of the programmer). Learn as much as you can as a student, produce quality stuff as soon as you are ready, and just enjoy the creation process, however you choose to do it. (Note: I will use different languages for different type of projects. Experience will show me which to use when.)

C# is a great strictly typed languages with many tooks and tutorials available and it's syntax is much like C++ however there are big differences. C++ is the industry standard for game engine development but most of the times the gameplay code will be written in scripting languages. unity's core is written in C++ but you code the game logic in scripting languages. most popular languages for in game scripting are lua and python and unity's boo is much like python. unity's javascript is suitable for artists and flash developers but C# is really the best option. there are many talks about it in forums.

I am studying C++ now and it’s kind of sad that we can not use C++ in unity. C++ is a really powerful language. What a pity.