Can't find any Unityscript tutorials

Iv’e been breaking my hands for the last 30 minutes googling unityscript tutorials, and seem to be having no luck finding any. Now before anyone asks, I have my own reasons for choosing javascript/unity over C#, i understand C# is cleaner and that it can do more, but Unity javascript seems like its a lot easier to learn. Now back to the topic, I can’t really find any official, unofficial, paid, or free tutorials. I’m willing to pay money for some decent ones but I’d like to keep the costs for them down (free is better).

“Unity javascript seems like its a lot easier to learn.”

Haha not if you can’t find any good tutorials.

I just started using Unity this past year and went from knowing only a little Java (from AP comp sci in high school) to learning and using C# scripts. Its really not that hard to learn at all, in my opinion. I’d recommend Brackey’s tutorials on youtube for C#. They’re pretty good for the beginner and helped me a lot. I’m in no way an expert on C# now but I get the game engine to do plenty of stuff with the knowledge I do have. is a pretty awesome free resource. They have many javascript lessons.

That being said, you would be better off learning and using C# (which there are tons of free tutorials for), and if you’re afraid of doing something because it “seems” harder, well…coding is full of things like that, so you may be barking up the wrong tree in general.

ps. codecademy also has lessons for java, and like El-Psy-Congroo, i learned java, and its been super easy to switch over to c# (ive found c# to basically be equivalent to java, and in fact ive never learned anything about c# prior to using unity and all of my java programming skills moved over %100)

you’re pretty much out of luck here because C# is the primary language used for quite a while now and everyone uses it. wouldn’t make much sense to learn something nobody else uses anymore.