Cant push Unity project to repository

Hey guys,

i ve been working on a project for a while. I decided to create a online repository for it. I created a empty repository, pulled it on my PC and just copy pasted my game into the empty folder. I committed the changes, but when i tried to push them it takes forever until i get an error that the online repository isn’t responding or smt. I’m also using a .gitignore for unity projects, that looks like this:

# This .gitignore file should be placed at the root of your Unity project directory
# Get latest from
    # Asset meta data should only be ignored when the corresponding asset is also ignored
    # Uncomment this line if you wish to ignore the asset store tools plugin
    # /[Aa]ssets/AssetStoreTools*
    # Autogenerated Jetbrains Rider plugin
    # Visual Studio cache directory
    # Gradle cache directory
    # Autogenerated VS/MD/Consulo solution and project files
    # Unity3D generated meta files
    # Unity3D generated file on crash reports
    # Builds
    # Crashlytics generated file

i found the reason why. This .gitignore sucks ass. The first lines have to look like this: