Change gui.Texture color with key press Javascript

#pragma strict
var currentCursor : Texture;
private var pressColor =;
private var normalColor : Color;

	function Start (){
		normalColor = guiTexture.color;
	function OnGUI() {
		GUI.DrawTexture (Rect(Screen.width/2, Screen.height/2,64,64), currentCursor);
	function Update () {
		if (Input.GetKeyDown ("space"))
			guiTexture.color = pressColor;
			print ("color changed");

I get the texture on my screen and the print message but it won’t change its colour. I tried using .png with #ffff colour for the background and .psd i don’t know how to set that white color i defined in the image please help! I’m noob in scripting i design mostly.

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