Character Joint stretches away from anchor on one of my joints only in Ragdoll

Hello all,

I’ve been making a 2d character for a 2.5d game. Everything works great with the ragdoll expect for one thing, One of the character joints on my character stretches away from its anchor during simulation, it still acts like its connected but wont stay pinned to its connected bodypart.

See the gif below for example:

Gif was taken at really low FPS but it just bounces between those two positions basically, joint not
staying pinned to its anchor properly.

If I make the connect body of the chestbone the waist, instead of the midsection, the anchor behaves how it should. I cant just do this though because I need the midsection to affect the chest.

I also tried recreating the character joint on the chest but every new one I make also stretches away from the anchor.

Just can’t seem to get this one chest joint acting like the other, any thoughts?

Not sure how ragdoll joints work, but for all my issues with other joints going into Project setting → Physics2D and setting the Default Connect Offset to the lowest it can go (0.0001) fixed it for me.