Check if a listener has already been added to a button?

I’ve run into a bit of a snag with creating a button in the editor.

I need to dynamically add listeners to my button, but it just keeps adding the same 3 listeners over and over because there is nothing stopping it from adding the same ones on each Awake.

Here is my code…

		var button = gameObject.GetComponent<Button>();
		if (receiver1 != null)
		    var go1 = receiver1;
            UnityAction<GameObject> action1 = new UnityAction<GameObject>(this.OnClickEvent1);
	     	UnityEventTools.AddObjectPersistentListener<GameObject>(button.onClick, action1, go1);            
		if (receiver2 != null)
			var go2 = receiver2;
            UnityAction<GameObject> action2 = new UnityAction<GameObject>(this.OnClickEvent2);
     		UnityEventTools.AddObjectPersistentListener<GameObject>(button.onClick, action2, go2);        	
		if (receiver3 != null)
			var go3 = receiver3;
            UnityAction<GameObject> action3 = new UnityAction<GameObject>(this.OnClickEvent3);
     		UnityEventTools.AddObjectPersistentListener<GameObject>(button.onClick, action3, go3);       	

Any help is appreciated!

Define your button, action1, action2 and action3 globally and move all of your add listener methods inside OnEnable() method (instead of Awake). And then add these lines to your script :

void OnDisable(){
    UnityEventTools.RemovePersistentListener(button.onClick, action1);
    UnityEventTools.RemovePersistentListener(button.onClick, action2);
    UnityEventTools.RemovePersistentListener(button.onClick, action3);

Now your listeners will be removed every time your scripts done playing!

this code with give u the number of listerners added

Button btn;