[Closed] UNET replaces my set IP with localhost

I completed the Unity Multiplayer Tutorial with Unity 2018.1, I just replaced the Adress setting with my own IP. After starting the builded game it looks fine 117721-onhost.pngthe same happens if I want to join as a client.
I can’t figure out what is wrong, would be great if anyone would know an answer.

Since @billybob1978 make me aware of this post again I look into it again and found the reason.
The second screenshot show’s a Stop button. If that was a client it would have said disconnect so it must be a server with a client connected, hence, host. And a server is ran on that instance, meaning, it’s a localhost.
localhost in this case means and can be accessed on the same machine. If you were to connect from another you’d need the IP Address of the machine. Then the port comes into play and it does not matter what the machine the server is running on is showing.

I know its a long shot but did you figure this out? I see the network manager doing the same here. @Serkonda