Completely disable culling


I’ve been working on an update to an older system called OpenRelativity and I thought we had completely disabled culling, but apparently not. The system does some really heavy lifting in the vertex shader, which moves objects according to the Lorenz transform. That all works fine, but sometimes objects that in the Scene view look like they should be visible are completely invisible to the camera.

In our shaders, I have Cull Off to make it never cull the objects, and I’m also hacking the mesh boundaries to be enormous so that frustum culling still shouldn’t remove them from the scene. However, looking at these two pictures:

Hopefully you can see that those objects should be visible in the lower screen, but are culled for some reason.

Any suggestions would be super appreciated!

Never mind. It was my fault, fixed the rendering bounds hack to actually function. It just wasn’t running in the function I had.