Configure scroll rect to return to the bottom (instead of the top) when new content is added

I’ve made a Scroll View object (with a scroll rect component) that only scrolls vertically, I’ve added a content size fitter and a vertical layout group to the viewport object. The viewport has a TMP_text object, and some buttons as children.
The problem is, whenever I add a new line of text, the size of the viewport extends (as expected) but the scroll view resets back up to the top, so I have to manually scroll down to see the new line of text.
Is there any way to make the ScrollRect scroll to the bottom when the text in the viewport changes?

I’ve tried the solutions provided at Force ScrollBar to scroll down with ScrollRect - #6 by dendriel but they don’t seem to work (the velocity one does work but is too clunky, and is very annoying on the eyes). Perhaps something new came up since 2017? I’m using Unity 2021.3