Create an animation from a bunch of .png images to be used on mobile

I don’t have Unity pro, so a good while ago I wrote a script which draws images on screen from a file each frame or so and makes it look like a video is playing. Currently, the script might be a bit heavy for a mobile (or would it really? I do not have a mobile to test it on). I thought, maybe there’s a better way to draw a video in a similar technique - I was thinking maybe I could make a sprite sheet and play it as an animation (but still, there’s 100+ .png images) or maybe there’s a better approach? That is exactly the question - what would be the best way to play a 100 images from a folder as a video and do it so the mobile device wouldn’t explode (or just crash).
Thank you and c#.
Adas Lokys

Doesn’t have to be a spritesheet for it to be an animation. In 2D mode you can just select all the images inside unity and drag them into the scene view and unity will prompt you to save an animation.

First make a folder in Unity with all of your animation pictures in it. Then go to the animation window(you may have to open it from the Window button in the toolbar). Then click:

Add Curve > Sprite Renderer > Sprite.

Then you can set the sprite in the Inspector window as you would normally.

I would reccomend taking a look at the custom 2d game character unity has made for you and.trying to work with that.