Creating a video from Unity

Has anyone tried to create a video from the rendered output in Unity.

I would like to be able to create replays of my game, and upload the replay to youtube or another video sharing site. I guess i can use EncodeToPNG and friends to get one frame, but has anyone tried to actually create a movie on the fly from the extracted screenshots?

OBSProject is free, open source, and records high quality video with small file sizes.

Use Screenflow, Screenflick, Snapz Pro, etc. if you're using OS X, or some equivalent app if you're on Windows. You can use this script on the wiki, but that's not really appropriate for standard gameplay since it changes the timescale to get a perfectly even framerate.

use fraps software its good FPS recorder .


There’s another option… We’ve written a fast capture plugin that integrates directly into Unity to allow you to make captures in the editor or in a build.

The plugin is called AVPro Movie Capture can you can download a demo and view the documentation on the webpage.


If you are doing your scripting in c# you probably want to do something similar to this:

Sorry but Fraps will not “see” games that run in Unity. I am currently testing a browser-based Unity game and neither Screenshots or Movies work using Fraps. Fraps works fine in everything else though…go figure.

I need it to take screenshots & movies for bug reporting back to the developers.


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I checked the Frap website but I believe you have to pay to remove the watermark.
I then tried the NSR software…

It seems to work fine at
29 FPS
1440 x 900
no watermark
recorded my other programs and Unity game play fine.
which is ideal for my requirements.
(One issue though, it seems to have problems recording videos longer than 3 minutes but I just edit the highlights accordingly)

Just wanted to give a little piece back. What Unity and you forum guys are doing is great. I can’t code for Jack. I asked 1 question on this forum and got an immediate and correct answer.

I wrote up a post about how to do this for Game Audio professionals. It covers fraps, reflektor, and other options as well as how to encode it for use in a DAW.

I know that this question is old but i m answering for anyone who is still messing around with unity and game replays … Give Everplay a chance, great tool with even greater features

Check out Everyplay. It was built specifically for this as a third party tool, before Unity bought them and brought it in-house.

Ya don’t do any of these suggestions. Use the built in package called “Recorder”. (as of 2018. something)