Deleted Data When Changing project name

I recently changed the project folder's name to be more appropriate for my game, but when I did so, all the data apparently got deleted, anyway i can get that back?

this has happened to me before. and it sucks BAD!!! Took me forever to reconfigure all the references.

This is a clear indication of a bad programming (Sorry UT, you just screwed this one up, can't deny it). The fact that all references within the project are based on the hierarchy and name of the folders, but not a given constant ID of every file, makes unity really handicapped when it comes to reorganizing one's project.

You can't even change the name of your project without doing something drastic like... exporting the whole project as an asset bundle and make a new project and import that bundle or something... idk. This is so messed up.

just give it the old name again.
it worked for me.