Does Unity have built-in support for inverting input axes at runtime?

I’m trying to provide the common ‘Invert Mouse Y-axis’ functionality to users. I can do this by simply maintaining a boolean somewhere, toggling it when a user clicks a UI element, and then multiplying the output of Input.GetAxis("Mouse Y") by -1 when the boolean flag is set.

However, since the Input Manager in Unity has an Invert checkbox for inputs, I’m wondering whether Unity also supports a built-in way to invert an axis at runtime. I was hoping to be able to call something like Input.SetAxisInverted("Mouse Y", true), but I can’t find anything along those lines in the documentation for Input, so I’d like to know if there’s anything I’ve missed, or whether I’ll have to provide my own system.

no, you need to build it over input, actually it’s not very good idea to use input directly