Does unity save automatically everything if immediate power cut?

My laptop got unpluged accidentally and my question is: Is everything i.e. sprites, materials, files in general and scenes get saved if immediate turn off of the machine appears? Also for power cuts(if there’s a difference between power cut and simply unpluging).

Edit: It looks like some of the changes are missing idk if it is only in the scene or it is also for the files changes. The one I encountered so far is in the scene.

I’m not sure, based on your question, if your machine auto powered down when reaching a low battery level, if it immediately turned off after the battery charge reached 0, or if the power cable disconnected while the laptop had its battery off. You mention something appears before the machine turns off, but I’m still confused. :slight_smile:

The last two cases are the same. They imply that the machine ceases getting energy within a fraction of a second. This means that Unity can’t do anything about it, and neither can other applications on your computer, or the operating system itself. In the first case, the system should have time to save everything it needs, but I don’t think Unity saves your current scene unless you ask it to. If the system hibernates, however, Unity should be open and intact when you turn the machine on again.

However, even in the worse case of the two, most things in your Unity project are already saved because they are files on your computer and not simply volatile memory. Except for the scene you’re currently working on (or eventually some prefab), on which any modification since your last save will be lost, everything else should remain (unless you’re in the middle of some long operation that could alter the meta files in a way that would make you lose some references).

This is probably what you want. Hopefully it still applies under your conditions.

(Although its probably well too late for you OP, Sorry!)