Download image files from server with WWW and store it in local storage

I have an application where ,

  1. After successful inApp purchase, the app contents(textures, in my case) should be downloaded from the server and stored in the local storage for later use.
  2. Basically, I need to download 2d textures, create sprite from them and assign those sprites to the sprite renderers.

Solution know to me:

  1. Download contents in the background by calling WWW(url) which returns a new WWW object.
  2. Use Asset Bundles which dynamically loads external assets(but, it requires pro version).

As I’m working with Unity non-pro version, option 1 would be easier. Confused in how to deal with a large number of images and how to integrate them with the game objects in the scene.

Thoughts? Advice? Links to tutorials (I couldn’t find much on this particular topic)?

Download binary data, save to the device, load in and write to a texture:

Here is a nice plugin, its very easy to use. You can download any small or big file from the web.
Must see this plugin

For more details visit this blog

can anyone help images from web ,download to the streaming assets folder in unity.

i will use them later purpose, please help me how to download images from the server to the streamings assets folder at run time