EntityQuery a specific Archetype

EntityQuery queries all entities that have the components described in the query.
What i’d like to query is all the entities of a certain archetype. So entities that have ONLY the components i pass as parameter.

Is there functionality that either queries an archetype or queries in an “Only” manner. I could not find a function that did this. And the EntityQueryDesc only has “Any”, “All” and “None”.

(One workaround i thought of is adding an empty component per unique combination, but this seems convoluted while this functionality should be easily implemented by Unity)

Have the archetype contain its own entity type, and then be sure to never use entities as components.

public class ExampleEntity : MonoBehavior
     private EntityManager eMan;
     public EntityArchetype eArch;

     void Start ()
          eArch = eMan.CreateArchetype
               // ...
          // ...

(in some system somewhere…)

EntityQuery eQuer = GetEntityQuery(typeof(ExampleEntity));