Epic Ranch, open world hunting game

I have been working on this since around 2012 when I got out of the Army. The basic idea is a hunting simulator(I use this term loosely) set in the 80s in a west Texas desert type of terrain. The ballistics are decent, bullets drop and have unique speed. I do not have them slowing down yet. Bullets can penetrate object based on the speed of the bullet and the material they impact. All firearms that would have adjustable sights in reality have adjustable sights in the game, windage and elevation. Bullet holes, and shell casings last forever, until 300 are created. Then they start to delete as 301 is created, number 1 is deleted.
The only animal I have in now are whitetail deer, does and bucks. There are 6 varieties of does, and 12 varieties of bucks(different sizes, different horns etc…) The damage model on the deers includes heart, both lungs, spinal cord, stomach, and brain, then the rest of the body is a flesh wound. Flesh wounds do damage and can be fatal after enough are delivered.
I am redoing all of the artwork at the moment, I really rushed the hell out of it initially because I was trying to get it done quickly. Now I have the time to do it as best I can so I am focusing on the art.
The idea I have always had is a ridiculous hunting game, with full auto weapons, rocket launchers, dynamite fishing, etc… A wide variety of animals to hunt, deers, pronghorn, bears, wolves, rattlesnakes, doves, beavers, hogs. Then a world that, being set in the 80s. The map will be just a paper map you can pull out and it will show just the world, with roads, terrain features, but not where you are at. So you would have to use terrain association and figure out where you are at.
Here are a few videos just of the game, the first one is the new artwork, second one is just screwing around with how it is now.

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Man the shell idea is really cool, looks cool too