Error: Optimized Skin Mesh Render

When trying to use a skinned mesh I am not sure how to resolve this error.

There’s some information in the FAQ about this. Basically, you need to ensure that optimization is disabled on import.

Hi I believe I have checked those and at this point I do not care if it animates. I would just like to see the mesh and be able to activate the blendshapes.

Blend shapes aren’t currently supported in PolySpatial/MR mode. If you’re interested in seeing support for them in the future, I’d suggest submitting that to our road map.

Aside from that, if you have a skinned mesh without blend shapes that isn’t optimized and still displays this message/doesn’t render correctly, I’d suggest submitting a bug report with a repro case and letting us know the incident number (IN-#####) so that we can look into it.

Hi I am a little confused as Ready Player Me models work in polyspatial mode and they have similar blendshapes on them. The only real difference I can find so far is my model does not have a humanoid rig. Their models do not report the Optimized Skinned Mesh render issue in the inspector so I would be very keen to understand how to make my model comply.

I don’t think I can really tell without access to your model. If you submit it in a bug report, I can look into why it’s not importing correctly. Is it also a GLB (that is, a glTF binary model), like the avatars from Ready Player Me?

FWIW, I hadn’t heard of Ready Player Me, but it’s pretty cool! I downloaded an avatar and was able to run it in the simulator under PolySpatial without issue, as you say. Our lack of support for blendshapes means that, for instance, the mouth will always stay closed.

please add support for blendshape animations thanks

Yes, no support for blendshapes disappointing for sure.