📌 Unity visionOS Support Roadmap

Hi everyone! We’re excited to share our latest roadmap regarding Unity’s support for Apple’s visionOS platform. We hope this can help you understand what is coming down the pipeline for feature development, and provide a channel to express what features are most important to you.

Our roadmap contains three tabs that you can refer to:

  • visionOS Supported Modes, which details the different modes the platform supports and where to learn more about each mode in our technical documentation.
  • MR (Immersive) Roadmap, which details current and upcoming Mixed Reality (Immersive and Shared Space) features.
  • VR (Fully Immersive) Roadmap, which details the current and upcoming Virtual Reality (Fully Immersive) features, beyond the existing feature set supported in Unity today.

Our roadmap is more heavily weighted towards feature development for MR since many features in this mode are being managed outside of Unity, and are currently pending compatibility with the platform. We understand feature parity is important, so we are working to enable even more of Unity’s feature set for MR experiences on visionOS. For VR and Windowed Apps, users can already test and explore with the majority of Unity’s suite of supported features and APIs.

Your feedback will be carefully reviewed by the team and will provide a significant impact in driving the direction of Unity’s support for visionOS, so please vote for features that are most critical to you and leave detailed explanations in the corresponding feature cards to help us understand your needs. You can leverage the search function in the public roadmap to look for keywords you’re interested in, and if you can’t find a feature, you can submit a new idea in the top right corner of the page.

Let us know if you want more details regarding any of the feature cards, and we’d be happy to elaborate our plans in more depth. We look forward to see what you create!


Thank you for the roadmap. This helps a ton to know what is coming and roughly when.

Can you give any more granularity to Q1 2024 though? Are these items expected to be done before Vision Pro releases? Specifically around Addressables and Asset Bundles, we are relying on those working before launch. If those won’t be working by launch we need to make our workarounds and hacks more final, possibly doing something like mentioned here.

Hey Trent, while we do want to provide more timeline-based granularity, we are taking a conservative approach in our estimates. We are also closely aligning our feature development with the expected release of Apple Vision Pro in early 2024. As such, we are working to have features highlighted in the Q1 2024 bucket available in the same timing ballpark.

On Addressables and Asset bundles specifically, it’s one of the top priorities for us, so your feedback is coming through loud and clear. If you haven’t already noted this on the roadmap, please add your vote to that card so that we can also account for each data point regarding this feature group.

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Thanks for the info! Is there any plan for support for Visual Effect Graph?

Thanks for the roadmap! This helps for sure. Will there be new polyspatial updates this year still? Thanks!

Direct support for VFX Graph would be a major undertaking, given VFXGraph runs primarily on GPU, and by design visionOS MR mode restricts direct access to the final rendering context. Direct support would unfortunately require an expensive “bake-and-reconstruct” step each frame.

Having said that, even today you should be able to render VFXGraph content to a RenderTexture (just make sure to manually dirty the render texture every frame) and then display this rendered VFXGraph content in the scene. There are obvious limitations to this approach - notably that it’d have no stereo depth - but we hope to mitigate many of those limitations via the “Stereo Render Targets” feature on the roadmap (currently slated for 2024).

This feature allow you to render an entire Unity scene (using all Unity rendering features, including VFX Graph) to a stereo pair of textures, then display these in a variety of ways in an MR environment - as floating “holograms” or “3d portals” or possibly even a full-screen, head-constrained overlay.

So, if VFX Graph support is important to you, it may be worth casting your vote for that feature! Hope that helps!


Thanks for the detailed reply!
I’m mostly asking about VFX Graph for VR (Fully Immersive) mode, where Unity has access to the final rendering context.
I have a bunch of pieces I’d love to port, and I don’t need them to be MR.

Ah – in that case, support should be comparable to what you see on other metal-based platforms, such as iOS!


I noticed that support for Addressables and AssetBundles is marked as “In Progress”, does that mean that Assetbundles are NOT currently supported?

They’re only partially supported. Notably, objects using shader graph materials in asset bundles will not appear with the correct shaders (objects using standard shaders like URP/Lit should work). We have a partial fix in the pipeline for the next bugfix release that will at least allow objects loaded from asset bundles that use shader graphs that are present in the base build (as opposed to shaders being loaded from the bundle itself).

I have a question, I reported an error after building and running as follows

Please start a separate thread for this topic, as it’s not particularly related to the roadmap =).


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Hey, wondering about spatial audio and blendshape support. Any info on that?

Hey! You might find the context in the following posts helpful:

If there are specifics around these features that you want to flag, please leave your feedback on our roadmap. Thank you!

Hi, I see on the roadmap for MR, “Addressables” are planned in Q1. I’m confused, because I’m using Addressables right now and it seems to function as expected… Is there something missing that I should be aware of? Thanks!

The main limitation that we’re aware of is with loading shader graphs from addressables. If you’re not doing that, then it’s not surprising that they work for you.

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Hello Issac,

Is there any way i can load a html document or a webview inside the Apple Vision Simulator from built from Unity?

Hello Devraj, in which mode are you intending to load HTML content? (For e.g. Windowed Apps, VR or MR)

:sweat_smile: I’m having this issue, is there any plan to fix it?

It’s on our road map, but we don’t have a time estimate at the moment. Currently, to use shader graph materials in addressables, the shader graphs have to be included in the base project.