Guidance to read write and learn Programming

Hi, for a long time I’ve always wanted to program, I’ve tried learning c++ on and off but got extremely bored making cmd prompt calculators, because that was the only thing i could think of making to practice. So here I am again trying to learn a programming language. I talked to a friend who is a professional programmer (Hes made a lot of money off it) and he told me I should try to learn to program through unity because I can learn Java-script and get instant results that are satisfying. I was at first reluctant to learn java-script because I just thought C++ was a million times better but he talked me into learning java-script first because i don’t have to worry about syntax much and it made sense to me to practice logic in easy forms for now then switch to like C++ or C# later. But here is my dilemma, 1: 99% of the tutorials I find for scripting give you the code step by step, I don’t want that because I just copy it and paste it and don’t learn a thing. Is there a tutorial that gives you like objectives to code but doesn’t give you the code, but gives you hints on how to think about doing it? 2: what is the best way to learn to read and write a programming language, I thought just thinking of small things to do in unity would work, but I can’t think of much to do, and when i do think of something its pretty hard, so is there some kind of fun exercises that take you through reading and writing one of the unity languages, preferably java-script without copy/pasting code? Thanks in advance, I really want to learn to program but just get stuck every time and quit and don’t want to quit this time. I hope someone can lead me in the right direction.

I found this:

to be quite useful. It is interactive enough that it pushes you through it and does exactly what you describe (provides you with the tools then lets you work it out yourself).

However it is not in Javascript or C# so it will be a means to an end. It will solidify some basic core knowledge, then you’ll need to learn the proper syntax for the language of your choice.

Try this: unity3dstudent

They have short modules where you learn the basics - after you’re done with them, you can try what you just learned in challenges where you have to combine it yourself. Hope that helps!

I’d suggest just learning the bare basics of C# (don’t bother with UnityScript/JavaScript), like class composition, variable declaration syntax, and calling functions. Then, just dive into one of the Unity beginner tutorials; I did the first few edpisodes of BurgZergArcade’s Hack & Slash Tutorial to get started. This will give you enough knowledge to try things out for yourself and more importantly, be able to understand scripts other people have written.