How can I make my app high res for iPhone 4's retina display?

Hey folks.

After a rather long holiday from all things unity i just updated everything and pushed my app as it were to my iPhone 4 and iPad.. Everything is working ok, suprisingly so for iPad to say i've changed nothing in the project and it just worked!!!

I'd now like to try and make the iPhone 4 version run at full resolution for the retina display.. is this possible? If so how do i go about it?


You can make it run at full display, but the problem I ran into was more to do with the input.

Check out my answer in this question:

It works like a charm on GUI objects too but it relies on a private property of the UITouch object so it is likely to give you headaches in newer versions of the iOS. I guess Unity 3 will sort this out now that;s it's coming but if you need a quick fix this is for you.