How can I make the text prettier in the new GUI system?

Is there a way in the new GUI system of the 4.6 beta to make the text not look so bland? With this,I mean if there is the possibility to put shadows, strokes or any other effect in the text because I couldn’t find these options anywhere, I want to use it for a simple coin counter ala Mario Bros but right now it just looks so… bland.

These are built into components. You can add Shadow, Outline (and possibly other) effects by adding components of the same name. Just hit “Add component” on GameObject containing Text component and start typing the names above.

We’ve had the need to make texts look more interesting for a while now, too. So we decided to make a package out of them.

Same as with the default Shadow and Outline, they are applied to the standard Unity UI Text. Hopefully, they’ll be useful for many developers: