How can I use my saved playerprefs the next time the game gets started?

You complete level 1-3 but next time you start up the game I want the game to remember this, I already have playerprefs done and checks wether a level is complete etc I just want to know how I can let the game know that it finished all of those levels?

how can I do that?


Application.LoadLevel(PlayerPrefs.GetInt(“Highest level”))

highest level should return an int. in your build mode you can select the see the level numbers. It’s also possible to pick the name but you have to save it in the right player pref. And if you use a name it should be GetString (also SetString)

Ok so what you could do is at the end of a level use boolprefs found here -
and then when you complete a level make levelonecomplete true in boolprefs and in a start function somewhere get the bool

When you save in player prefs, you could save the name of the level you want to load next, i mean the level that just unlocked. Then have a script read the level saved there and load it.