How do i make an object spawn in the direction in which the first person controller is facing?

I’m making a game where a block spawns in front of the first person controller. To do this i made the following code:

var thePrefab : GameObject;

function Update () {
	if (Input.GetMouseButtonDown(0)) {
    var instance : GameObject = Instantiate(thePrefab, transform.position + Vector3(-1,1,0), transform.rotation);

But the object spawns only along one space in front of him on the x-axis do to “Vector3(-1,1,0)” in the code above…is there anyway to change that so that it spawns in the direction the first person controller is facing?

You should convert the desired position from local to world space with TransformPoint:

var pos = transform.TransformPoint(Vector3(-1,1,0));
var instance : GameObject = Instantiate(thePrefab, pos, transform.rotation);