How do I make individual pixels of my objects sprite change color/disappear?

In my current unity project I want to make it so that I can make certain pixels of my objects sprite disappear or change color under certain conditions (such as the gameobject colliding with fire turning a random pixel black). I have no idea how to do this though and I couldn’t find anything online that helped so I decided to create my own question. How do I do this or achieve a similar effect?

Hi! Three ways I can think of:

  1. Use texture2d.getpixels/setpixels/apply, and change the actual image. Maybe not good for performance.

  2. Place “pixels”, i.e. squares of black color, individual sprites, right in front of your sprite. one layer higher. Round the positions of the pixels to a grid, and they’ll always stay in “front” of a real pixel. This will take some fine tuning to make it look exactly right, though.

  3. My preferred way: make a bunch of “burn” masks that are for various sides of the sprite. Turn these on or off based on what part of the sprite is burned. Could also use alpha to make it look gradually burned. avoids positioning problems as long as you keep the same image size from the original sprite.