How do I make my SketchUp model car move like a car with the arrow keys?

I am new to Unity 3D and have created a vehicle in SketchUp that I imported. (just one piece, wheels are not separate) I am trying to make an open-world vehicle exploration game, and I would like my vehicle to be drivable. Is there any way I could make it work just the default Unity gray car works, or, if not, somehow place that Unity car in my model and make it invisible so it “carries” it around?

I am assuming you’re refferring to this package: Vehicle Tools

Easiest approach would be to launch the scenes they provided and inspect how they seperated vehicle parts and used scripts. Then try to copy&paste or ‘mimic’ it to your model accordingly.

Also why make it ‘one piece’? At least make wheels seperate so they can rotate & turn.

Thanks for the response. I am not referring to any “package.” I have just imported a SketchUp model into Unity as a GameObject and would like to make it move. That package looks like it requires separate wheels and wheel colliders, which I do not have or know how to make.