How do I profile in the web player

I want to profile in the web player or standalone player? The Unity 2.6 release notes mention that this is possible.

  1. Make sure the development player is installed:

    • Webplayer: Make sure the development web player plugin is installed. The Development web player comes with the Unity installer (As opposed to just installing the web player). But if in the mean time you have autoupdated the web player it might have gotten lost. So make sure the latest development web player is installed. In the case of the standalone.
    • Standalone: Just select Development build in the build settings.
  2. From scripting set the logFile path and enable the profiler:

    Important Note: The log file path has to be an absolute path!

  3. Run the player. The profiler will now output to a log file. This is a nicely formatted text file. This is definately not as nice as the UI profiling tools in the editor, but it gives you all the information at least.


At some point in the future we might hook the editor up with the player so that you can Profile the player from within the nice Editor Profiler Window.

(To test the logFile API, this feature can also be used from the Editor, although it's obviously not that useful there because you already have the full UI for it there)