How do you combine two lists of different classes into one?

I have two lists that I want to combine into one. One list has a class of member and one has a class for equipment.

I’d like each member to have their name and their equipment listed.

Tom Dick Harry
knife m-16 p90
pistol revolver Colt 45

Do I need a dictionary for this? I’ve tried a combination class
CombineClass Both = new CombineClass(){MemberList=MemberList, EquipmentList=EquipmentList };

It compiles, but I don’t know how to see how to check the data, like I could with a list.count. I know TUPLE is not supported. I’ve tried Ienumerable, concat, and cast using LINQ
IEnumerable all = MemberList.Cast ().Concat (EquipmentList.Cast ());

Again, I don’t know how to work with it to see if it did what I wanted it to.
Anyone have any solutions? I’m open.

If you want a list of equipment for every member in the list, you can do :

Dictionary<Member, <List<Equipment>> membersData;