How does one copy and paste keyframes in the Animation Editor?

Question: How does one copy and paste keyframes in the Animation Editor?

It seems as if this would be pretty straightforward but alas, I'm at a loss.

Still churning through the Animation Tool Reference

but having a tough time finding the instructions for copy/paste of keyframes...

It’s been added to Unity some time after this question was asked, yet may still be tricky to figure out.

Short explanation: Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V in “Dope Sheet” mode

  1. Select Object with Animation

  2. Open Animation Window

  3. Click “Dope Sheet” (bottom left)

    I could not get it to work in “Curves” mode

  4. Click time-line on column with key frames to get red line on column

  5. Press Ctrl + C

  6. Click time-line where you want to paste

  7. Press Ctrl + V

  8. Profit

Copy and paste is not supported in the Animation View at this point.

There is a feature request for this feature here, which you can vote up if you want.

I found one workaround for copying keyframes in the Animation editor (using Unity 4.3)

  1. Locate the keyframe you want to copy and make sure all the transformations are keyframed (there are no holes in the column of diamonds).
  2. Drag the keyframe to the end of the animation
  3. Highlight all the transformations in the “Add Curve” window.
  4. Select anywhere on the timeline after the keyframe you moved and hit the “add keyframe” button.
  5. The keyframe is now duplicated and you can drag it back to it’s original position.